Welcome to RebelPenguin.co.uk!

Hello you, and welcome to RebelPenguin, purveyors of Minecraft servers and awful YouTube based informational entertainment.

Due to popular demand, we’ve finally gotten around to launching a website. Our regulars over at “The Scablands” asked for somewhere to be able to chat, make fun of each others mothers, and simply chillax when not in game. Therefore, this website was born!

Over on our forums you’re free to talk about absolutely anything within reason, organise raids, grief parties, trades, or even call out your sworn enemy to a fight. Yes, it’s all happening over at the RebelPenguin Forums so get your ass over there today and sign up. It’s totally free and you can be online within a few minutes, so you really do have no excuse!

The forums are also the place to apply for whitelisting on our Tekkit server, and you need a forum account to build over on TOWNS! so yeah, hop to it!

Thanks a bunch for visiting us today, feel free to have a look around and we hope to see you in game soon!

The RebelPenguin Team

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