• Scablands minecraft server back online

    Posted on Monday, October 22nd, 2012 at 11:48 AM by

    Hi Guys,

    As you may remember back at the beginning of September, I made the really difficult decision to take the Vanilla minecraft server offline due to not having enough time to properly manage/police it.

    Circumstances have now changed slightly, so I have now totally re-instated the vanilla server. It is running the same original map, so if you log in you should be exactly where you where when you last left!

    Already the server has been getting quite busy again which is obviously a good thing, however on a related note the server has been downgraded to 24 slots (previously 32) so it may be impossible to connect during busier times.

    The server will remain online for the foreseeable future, so get back on there and get creating :)

    The spawn area has been moved again as the old one was ridiculously messy (grieftastic in-fact) – So yeah, players that have logged on in the past will find themselves in the old spawn area, away from everyone else. When I get home later, i’ll list all the spawn co-ords here.

    Thanks guys, and don’t forget to enter the £25 jinx.com gift voucher giveaway!


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  • New website up and running!

    Site News
    Posted on Sunday, August 26th, 2012 at 5:18 PM by

    Professor Hubert Farnsworth Good News Everyone

    “Good News Everyone!” are the words that professor Hubert Farnsworth uttered whenever he had questionable news to share with the crew of Planet Express, and today is no exception; well actually, this time I’m saying it.

    The new RebelPenguin website launched today in an attempt to provide a place where all of our players can come and chill out when not in the game! It’s also the place to get the latest server news updates, and information on upcoming YouTube videos!

    So, what exactly can I do on this site?

    At the moment, you can read up on our server rules, browse our YouTube channel, read our news blog and sign up to our forums! The forums are a great place to interact with other RebelPenguin players from all of our servers. It’s THE place to request whitelist access to our Tekkit server, and a place where you can organise raids, grief parties and PVP matches with your teammates!

    It really is the best place for EVERYTHING RebelPenguin!

    Are there any more features on the way?

    Yes, loads and loads! Our public servers are really new right now (They’ve been around for nearly 2 weeks), so we’re spending our time gauging the player levels and such before we start rolling out more new features. Basically, the more players we have online, the more time and money we’re going to invest in the servers for you guys. So it’s in your best interest to get your buddies to visit this site and get playing on the servers! Seriously though, continued development and upkeep of the servers depends on demand. If no-one is using the forums/playing on the servers, we’ll  just close em down. It costs us a lot of money to keep all the servers running, so there’s no point keeping them up if no-one is online, ya see? :)

    Can I donate to help keep the servers online?

    Eventually yes, but at the moment we’re not accepting donations of any kind. We’ve got some adverts on the site that we hope will help with some of the costs, so please try not to use adblockers while visiting :)

    You done?

    Yeah that’s about it.. Nothing more to say really so off you pop. Go forth on your travels!

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