Server Details:

Address: tekkit.rebelpenguin.co.uk
Port: 25565 (default)
Slots: 15

Tekkit! is our, well.. Tekkit server.

If you don’t know what tekkit is, allow us to explain.. It’s minecraft, but it’s been bitch slapped into the 21st century. Tekkit provides machines, pipes, nuclear power, automated quarries, and redstone wiring THAT CAN GO UP WALLS!! It’s just damn fantastic!

As this is a Tekkit server and there are very powerful destruction capabilities, this server is whitelisted - In order to qualify for the whitelist, you must have at least 4 weeks playing time on either The Scablands or Civilisation to even potentially qualify for access. You will also need a sponsor, an established already whitelisted player from our Tekkit server to support your whitelist application.


  1. NO GRIEFING! EVER, and yes, we really do mean ever!
  2. NO PVP unless in designated PVP arena.
  3. No racism/hate speech
  4. No offensive chat messages
  5. No advertising other servers
  6. Try your best to keep things pretty.


What am I allowed to do?

Well, play the game of course. You CAN offer other players to a PVP, but this must take place in a designated pvp arena. You are also free to trade resources, build whatever you want, and basically, become an industrial empire! – We KNOW that macinery such as quarries etc decimate the landscape. This is part of being a technologically advanced race. However, when we say “Keep Things Pretty“ we basically mean, don’t build quarries in plain view, next to a pavement. Plant some trees around it or something, y’know, like they do in real life :)

Are there ranks?


Can I be an op?

No, and asking isn’t going to help your case. We may occasionally hire volunteers to help out with the server, in which case we’ll post an advert on this very website. In the mean time, don’t ask because it’s REALLY annoying.

Gamemode Me!

Fuck off!

Can you give me diamonds etc?

No. It wouldn’t be fair on others. And besides, once you build an energy condenser, you’ve won! *lol*

Okay, give me food?


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