Server Details:

Port: 25567
Slots: 32

Towns, is our more civilised server. It’s bukkit based and has most of the popular mods you’d expect from a civilisation server. Chest locks, player shops, protected regions and more. In order to build or join villages you must be a member on our forums. VIP members have special access to our creative world, and get regular perks.

All registered users can build, join villages, create shops and go on epic mining voyages. You can also become mayor of your own village. Full details are on the forums!


  1. No Hacking. You will be banned, for good.
  2. No Griefing. Banned for good.
  3. No Spamming/Advertising. You’ll get a ban for this too. The ban length depends on the nature/extent of the spam.
  4. No abusive/annoying chat messages. It will amount in a ban.
  5. PVP only in designated areas (PVP arena)

What am I allowed to do?

Unregistered Users
You are free to join and look around. You can also build in our small unrestricted areas.

Registered Users
You can join/create villages, set up a shop to sell your wares, buy items from other shops, go mining, PVP in the arena etc. Basically you can do everything as long as its in line with the rules above

VIP Users
You can do everything a registered user can do, only you get access to our Creative Server where you have the chance to build anything you can imagine, and if it’s good, we’ll include it in our main world and MAY even give you Builder rank!

Are there ranks?

Yes there are!

Unregistered – A new user that hasn’t registered on the forums
Registered – A registered user
Village – A user that belongs to a village
Mayor – The mayor of a village
VIP – Our special VIP users
Builder – Trusted players that have proved their building skill, and have been with us a long time. They have creative mode on all servers (apart from tekkit)
Moderator – Trusted friends that have been granted moderator status.
Admin – Server owners/admin

Can I be an op?

No, and asking isn’t going to help your case. We may occasionally hire volunteers to help out with the server, in which case we’ll post an advert on this very website. In the mean time, don’t ask because it’s REALLY annoying.

Gamemode me!

Fuck off.

Can you give me diamonds etc?

We could, but we’re not going to! The whole point of this server is that you fend for yourself. Get out there, team up with someone, or go solo. Either way, go get your own resources!

Okay, food then?


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